It was time for a fresh look in our apartment. I think this is a common phenomenon during this current time of the lock down, because we stay in our homes for most of the time.

New paintings in the background of the dinning area in the living room.
Acrylic on canvas, 90 x 120 cm


I liked my old paintings, but I decided to repaint them in order to change the very colourful and dark appearance. The green panting was hanging in our hallway and the blue one in our living room.


We are lucky to have enough space to hang up two big canvases (each 90 x 120 cm) next to each other. Because this size has quite an impact on the look of a room, I decided to use natural bright colours, abstract shapes and lines. Also it is a lot of fun for me to paint on such big format once in a while and experiment with the paint and the arising structures. Next to big brushes I used different sizes of art spatulas.

Tools: Paint roller, primer, art spatulas, brushes in different sizes and acrylic paint.
Detail of the structure.

Final Results

I’m very happy with the final results. In my opinion it matches the rest of the interior.

Tipp: If you are not so sure witch colours to use, take a look at your room and use the dominant colours you find as a colour palette of your painting. In my case it is a lot of beige, brown, white and a tiny bit of red. Of course you can work with contrast colours as well.

Even better tipp: Just have fun and try whatever colour, technique and style you like.


The paintings are inspired by the natural colours of the room, but also by two different things: plaster and other abstract paintings.

There are a lot of great interior inspirations on Instagram. The look of untreated walls and plaster is something I see and like a lot. The appearance is very rough, puristic and warm. We have clean white walls with wallpaper. With the two canvases I tried to adapt and create this kind of raw look.

Pinterest is a great inspiration as well. There are a lot of great painting and artists.

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Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

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