Schmincke gouache paint, Din A4 watercolour pad 160 g/m²
mild yellow

This year I felt festive very early and I think the reason was painting something christmaasy.

I saw a lot of great Christmas illustrations on Pinterest so I collected them all on one of my Pinterest boards „Christmas Illustrations“. I decided to paint a picture in a bigger format and combine all inspirations and ideas in one winter scenery. The Din A4 format allowed me to focus on details like buttons and patterns. It was a lot of fun painting this kind of picture puzzle.

In the end I decided to make some different Christmas cards out of this painting. I printed the whole painting and some of the details and scaled them down to Din A6. The back side was perfect for some personal greetings and wishes. During the gift giving family and friends recognized that the different card motives are part of one painting. For me it was a lot of fun.

Prints in Din A6
Present with one of the self-made Christmas cards

As I mentioned before I was inspired by the work of some awesome illustrators like: Nina Cosford, Kate Pugley, Daria Solak, Ina Hattenhauer, …