This gouache painting shows one of my favorite places in Berlin: The Croissanterie in Pannierstraße Neukölln.

Schmincke gouache paint, Plein Air Sketchbook 17 x 12 cm, 220 g/m²

I did not paint for a while and thought about trying another technique. I used gouache before but in a different way. After browsing through Pinterest I got inspired by some beautiful paintings.

But I did not know what to paint…

On a sunday I went to the croissanterie again, had a coffee, a croissant and started to create this gouache painting.

Painting template: Café au lait and plain butter croissant 🙂

What I like about this painting style is the kind of realistic but also very rough interpretation.

Detail of the painting

The choice of motive is an every day life scene inspired by instagram postings – #foodie #butfirstcoffee #flatlaylove.

In times of picture driven social media platforms like instagram and always available smartphone cameras, it was a fun thing to paint my posting. Of course it is a different thing compared to editing the digital picture. And both is fun to me.

Here are some Pinterest links I want to remember, because they inspired me a lot.