It has been a long time ago since I coloured some Easter eggs. But it was a great thing to do. Especially with kids it is a lot of fun, I think.

The kid in me was very excited. Your kitchen looks like a little science lab. And the results are simple but beautiful. It is great to add some colours to your breakfast or brunch table

Short manual:

  1. Remove the stamps on the egg shell with some drops of vinegar. Drop them on a kitchen towel and carefully swipe the marks away.
  2. For the colour: I used some simple egg colours I found in the supermarket. Per colour I used 250 ml cold water, 2 spoons of vinegar and one colour pellet.
  3. Boil the eggs and put the warm eggs in the container with the egg colour. Wait for five minutes.
  4. Put the eggs on some kitchen paper and let them dry.
  5. If you rub some natural oil on the eggs, they will get a bit shiny.