Handmade Embroidery – Inspired by Picasso

At first I saw Uma at the Turkish Market in Berlin Kreuzberg, selling her beautiful and funny handmade embroidery. After a nice chat with her and one of my friends, Uma told us that she offers embroidery workshops as well. We decided to join her workshop. It was a creative evening and we learned about the tools you need, the basic stitches and some embroidery tricks. After that I was highly motivated and I went to the store the very next day to buy the necessary tools. The photos show my first embroidery project. It was a lot of fun. I’m sure there will be more.

Tools: Sketchbook with different drafts, removable marker, basic shirt, embroidery hoop 16 cm, needles (No.18-22), cotton yarn

Here is also some of Umas work: