Schmincke gouache paint, Din A4 watercolour pad 160 g/m²
mild yellow

Can you spot the cautious Corona bunny?

Because of the Pandemie the Easter holidays are a bit different this year. Social distancing and staying at home are important arrangements. In times of the internet (Netflix, Social Media, Skype …) it is not that bad. But one of the hardest things is the distance from the family.

This year I decided to create some Easter greeting cards in order to share some Easter wishes with family and friends. I love calls and digital messages but once in a while an old fashioned handwritten letter is a great medium.

Prints of the motive in different sizes: Din A4, A5 and A6

Here are some details of the picture. Did you manage to find the “cautious Easter bunny”? I think this picture is kind of a caricature and one of my ways to process the current situation: #staythefuckhome and don’t be too serious.

During the self isolation I’m again very thankful for my passion to draw. It was a lot of fun to paint the motive of this Easter scenery. The bright colours gave me a foretaste of spring while I painted in the sun of my balcony with a cup of hot tea.

Painting process on the balcony.